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Hair Transplants by Cosmetic Surgery Partners London in partnership with DHI Global Medical Group 

Hair loss is common in both males and females and can be detrimental to your confidence. Thought it affects men and women differently, hair loss can prematurely age you and lead impact on your self-expression as well as your confidence, changing the way you perceive your appearance. 70% of the male population experience male pattern baldness, with 25% of them experiencing this kind of baldness by the time they reach 20 years old. Women tend to experience hair thinning at a much later age than men, but still around 30% of them will experience balding with as much as an effect on their confidence as men.

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Hair Transplant Surgery in London

An advanced hair transplant surgery is now available in London, the Direct Hair Implant (DHI). The DHI procedure is far more advanced than traditional hair transplants, as it does not require a scalpel or general anaesthetic and there is no post-procedural scarring.

Before your procedure, we will recommend DHI Global shampoos and care products to strengthen your natural hair and prevent further hair loss. The shampoos and lotions available are designed for specific hair types and are suitable for men and women, and they will help to ensure the quality of your results.

After your DHI procedure, the hair follicles placed will continue to grow for the rest of your life and look very natural, blending into and complimenting your natural hair. The DHI procedure has been specifically adapted to increase the survival rate and growth of the harvested hair follicle by limiting their handling time. The direct implantation of the follicles with fewer traumas, no scarring, and less damage to the blood supply of the area. 

This hair transplant is incredibly discreet, as there are no immediately visible signs of you undergoing the procedure and no post-operative scarring. With minimal downtime, natural results, and minimal post-operative medication, this simple yet advanced technique is changing the lives of hair loss patients.

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Why Choose Cosmetic Surgery Partners London with DHI Global?

Here at Cosmetic Surgery Partners, we are proud to work alongside DHI Global in offering direct hair implant consultations. We carry out discreet, confidential, and honest consultations at our London offices before referring you to an affiliated hospital for your treatment. We will discuss with you your suitability for the treatment, desired results, and perform a full medical assessment before we guide you through procedural journey. We also stock and sell hair medications both pre-operative and post-operative to ensure the retention and strengthening of your hair every step of your treatment journey.

men hair transplant results london


Who performs my DHI procedure?

Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London works very closely with DHI Global, so your consultation will be carried out by one of our experienced surgeons. Here we will discuss with you your suitability, desired results, and the next necessary steps in a confidential and comfortable and environment. We will then begin to plan your journey with an affiliated hospital where your procedure will be undertaken by a trained DHI specialist.

What is the post-operative aftercare and medication?

You will be prescribed antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory course that you should follow for three days after your DHI hair transplant. It is also advised that you use the DHI Global post-operative care shampoos to help strengthen your transplanted hair and encourage healthy growth. These products are available from our professionals and can be purchased from our London offices.

Are there any complications or side effects?

There are no complications as the implantation method is so simple, but some patients may experience some side effects. These could include a mild headache, swelling, itching, or tenderness around the treated area. These can be managed, should you encounter them, with prescribed medications and aftercare advice.

Will my results be permanent?

The hairs implanted will last for the rest of your life, because these hairs are resistant to the hair loss hormones. As 10% of your hair naturally falls out over your lifespan, the same amount of implanted hairs will also fall, though not through any cause of pattern baldness but simple biology.

How is implantation achieved?

Implantation is performed using DHI Implanters of various needle sizes. The hair grafts are loaded into the implanter device and are then placed directly into the treatment area on the scalp. This technology allows for the proper placement of all hair grafts at specific angles and the correct depth.

How is DHI different to traditional hair transplants?

Traditional hair transplants place less importance on the hair follicle and more on the extraction, risking the health of the follicle and therefore ultimately your results. Many cuts and openings are made during placement which can result in uneven healing, scarring, and unnatural results. DHI, on the other hand, takes greater care of the hair follicles and is able to place them with minimal invasion of your scalp, posing no risks of scarring and more natural and healthier-looking results.

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