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neck lift surgery cosmetic surgery in London

Neck lift surgery also known as lower rhytidectomy is surgical procedure designed to reduce the visible signs of the ageing in the neck and lower facial areas such as the jawline.  

A saggy neck and drooping skin under the chin are unmistakeable signs of ageing. The muscle of the neck, the platysma, weakens over the years and leads to bands, lines and wrinkles at the front and side of the neck.

Meanwhile the loosening of the supporting ligaments which attach facial skin and soft tissue to the jaw leads to saggy skin under the chin and leads the appearance of jowls. Extra fat and skin can produce a double chin and a ‘turkey gobble’ effect under the chin – while sun damage can add to the unwanted effects of ageing.

But happily neck lift surgery can make a dramatic difference to these very visible signs of growing older. It can lift and improve the appearance of the skin, giving you a younger and far fresher look.

If you are interested in arranging a consultation regarding neck lift surgery then please feel free to call the team directly on 02074866778. We also have our most FAQ'S below relating to neck lift surgery where you may find the answer to your question. 


Do I need to book time off work?

We would recommend all patients take 1-2 weeks off work following surgery to allow your body the much needed time to heal properly following surgery.

Will people be able to tell I’ve had surgery?

Although you will look noticeably different following surgery are surgeons are experts at concealing any tell-tale signs following surgery. This means that all incisions and therefore scarring will be carefully concealed which will give natural looking results which will keep people guessing whether you’ve had cosmetic surgery.

What is the ideal age of a neck lift patient?

There is no real upper age limit for neck lift surgery so long as patients are in good health. We give all patients a full check in order to determine suitability for surgery during your initial consultation with one of our expert surgeons.

How long until I can see results following neck lift surgery?

Recovery generally takes three weeks, although we recommend splinting the neck with tape and sleeping with a neck support for up to six weeks to maximise the results of your surgery.

Can I combine neck lift surgery with a face lift?

Yes, often, a neck lift alone is enough to make the difference you want. It can also be performed alongside a facelift to maximise results.

Do I need to stay the night in the hospital?

Yes all neck lift patients need to stay overnight at the hospital. However fear not, you will be assigned your own private recovery room and nurse who will make your stay comfortable and safe.

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