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Breast augmentation or ‘breast enlargement’ is the most common cosmetic surgery performed in the United Kingdom. At Cosmetic Surgery Partners we offer a range of breast augmentation procedures for people who aren’t satisfied with the shape and size of their breasts or women seeking reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.

The breast consists of tissue and fat, and the size and shape can often be influenced by weight and ageing. We work with adult patients of all ages and begin by making sure you understand and can evaluate all the breast augmentation options that are available to you.  Each case is individual – there is no one-size-fits-all approach to our breast enlargement surgery. To help you understand why each treatment we offer is different view our patient case study below for more information. If you would like to discuss the treatment options in more detail or book a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons then please call the team direct on 02074866778.

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At what age should I consider Breast Augmentation?

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners we do not admit patients under the age of 18. As the body is still developing during the teen years we believe it’s better not to operate on patients until their body reaches full maturity.

What breast implant size and shape is best for me?

The size and shape of the breast implant is determined very much by what kind of end result the patient would like to see. During your initial consultation you will able to have a frank and open discussion about what your expectations would be at which point our surgeons will be able to advise you on what breast implant size and shape will be best suited for you. Generally there are two types of shape which are suitable for different results; round and tear drop, these come in various different sizes.

 Above all our surgeons pride themselves on being able to produce natural looking results that are hard to detect. So you can rest assured that the end result will look flattering to your body shape and will keep people guessing.

What brand of breast implants do you use?

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners we use Nagor brand breast implants. They carry a lifetime guarantee against rupturing and are available in various sizes and profiles. The added benefit of Nagor implants is they carry the CE mark of approval which means they are deemed safe by European standards, it also guarantees that the implants have been tested not to interfere with hospital equipment, particularly life-saving apparatus.    

Can you replace or remove my existing breast implants?

Yes, there are cases where our surgeons will see patients who’ve been fitted with the wrong type of implant or had implants inserted to produce a less flattering and unnatural result. In some cases we’ve helped patients who have been fitted with an un-reputable or even dangerous brand of implant, such as the PIP breast implant. In all cases our surgeons are able to remove or replace the existing implant and are able to produce a result that is natural looking and flattering to the shape of your body. Some patients we see simply would like to replace their existing breast implants for a larger or smaller size. For more information please see our page about breast implants exchange

Can you correct asymmetrical breasts using breast implants?

Yes. Some patients we see are not interested in enlargement they simply want to restore normality by addressing their uneven breast sizes. Our surgeons have helped hundreds of patients address their uneven breasts by means of breast implants.

One high profile case was that of 24 year old Victoria Ewens who was famously helped by surgeon Nick Percival on popular TV show ‘Botched Up Bodies’.  

Will people be able to tell I’ve had breast surgery?

Probably not, our surgeons are experts at producing natural looking results that are hard to detect. Scars are kept minimal by making small incisions on places of the body that are hardly visible.  

How long does the healing process take?

The healing process is different for every patient, however we find on average most people are able to make a full recovery and restore all normal activities some 6 weeks after surgery. 

Do I need to book time off work?

Although it is difficult to say exactly how much time you need to book from work following your operation we find that most patients can benefit from 1-2 weeks of proper rest at home. Although you will not be bed bound during this time it is very important you refrain from any strenuous activities such as gym and exercise during this initial healing period. 

Breast Implant Associated - Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)

There is growing concern about the topic of Breast Implant Associated - Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). It should be noted that this very rare condition is a lymphoma and not cancer of the breast tissue. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) currently advises implants are still regarded as safe for use in augmentation and reconstruction operations. The MHRA does not suggest a change in practice with the current data available.

The current recommendation from The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) can be found via the link below:

Also check the information on Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

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