If you are interested in a tummy tuck procedure as a way of making your stomach appear smoother and flatter as a result of the elimination of excess skin and fat, you may be best served by the umbilical float technique. It tends to be chosen by those that do not have enough skin for a standard reduction.

Umbilical float abdominoplasty or lipoplasty is the type of tummy tuck procedure that involves the detachment of the belly button from the abdominal wall, so that it can be repositioned. It is generally the same as any other mini tummy tuck surgery, but involves the belly button stalk being divided at the point of its attachment to the abdominal wall.

The surgeon can then perform any necessary abdominal muscle tightening, before pulling the skin down and reattaching the stalk of the belly button.

How does the floating umbilicus procedure differ from a mini tummy tuck?

In a mini tummy tuck, there is no detachment of the naval stalk. Instead, a small incision is simply made so that some tissue can be removed. The surgeon then pulls the skin over the area worked on, with the end result being a trimmer stomach.

However, in some circumstances the patient may desire that the belly button is moved, perhaps because it is already in too high a position, leading to the decision to perform an umbilical float lipoplasty. This procedure entails a higher incision on the abdomen than a mini tummy tuck, in which the incision is just above the pubic area.

However, it is perhaps the end result that best demonstrates the differences between the floating umbilicus procedure and a mini tummy tuck procedure. Whereas a mini tummy tuck tightens the muscle and skin layer beneath the belly button, umbilical float lipoplasty brings its greatest benefits to the area above the belly button.

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  • Some people have areas of fat cells that do not shrink despite a healthy diet or plenty of exercise. This is often the reason people undergo Lipoplasty surgery to re-shape the area of their body that they are currently unhappy with. Each patient's end result will be different due to various fsactors including how much fat is removed from the specific area(s).

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