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Labiaplasty surgery at Cosmetic Surgery Partners

Labiaplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reduce or reshape the size of the labia minora which are the flaps of skin either side of the vaginal opening. For many women, the size or shape of their labia minora cause embarrassment and distress. They may feel they are uneven or too protuberant. Our specialist surgeon Miles Berry has had years of experience and successful treatments with labiaplasty surgery and after a discreet consultation will be able to advise you if surgery is the right option for you. 

If you have any further questions or would like to speak to a member of our professional team then please feel free to call us directly on 0207 486 6778 or book a consultation online today by clicking here 

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At your consultation the surgeon will discuss your reasons for wanting labiaplasty and assess your general health. You’ll be asked about your medical history, including discomfort while cycling, urinary problems, childbirth injuries and emotional issues caused by your discomfort. You’ll be able to ask any questions you might have at this stage. Labiaplasty is best performed under a general anaesthetic.

The Procedure

At Cosmetic Surgery Partners we use the latest gold-standard superior flap technique. Not all surgeons can perform this procedure, which results in hidden scars, preservation of normal anatomy and the rapid return of normal sensations. We use absorbable stitches to avoid the discomfort of suture removal and we also use a local anaesthetic block to prevent post-operative pain.

Post-Operation Recovery

Complications and side-effects are increasingly rare these days, but they can be related to the anaesthetic, like thrombosis or chest infections. Other more localised complications include delayed healing and infections, but these are usually caused by too much activity immediately after the operation.  You should only undertake light activities for a few days, before you have a wound review with a nurse, after which you’ll probably be able to resume most normal activities.

How much does Labiaplasty surgery cost?

We find that the average total price paid labiaplasty patients is around £4,950. This price contains no hidden extras; it includes all hospital and surgeon appointments and is inclusive of your stay for one night at the hospital.

Can I speak to previous labiaplasty patients?

Yes, we actually recommend patients to speak to previous labiaplasty patients in order to understand the nature of the operation; what they can expect before, during and after surgery.

Although our surgeons will be able to explain everything there is to know about labiaplasty surgery there is no one better to explain the procedure to you than someone who has previously had it themselves.

At what age can I have labiaplasty surgery?

Although it is our policy to not operate on any patients under the age of 18, there is no real upper-age limit so long as the patient is in good health.

The necessary health and suitability checks will be performed during your initial consultation with one of our expert surgeons to determine your suitability for the labiaplasty procedure.

How long until I see the results of surgery?

Although everyone heals differently we find that on average we can give our labiaplasty patients the all clear at 4-6 weeks following surgery. It is at this point that our surgeons will arrange a follow up consultation to make sure that everything is healing as it should be.

Do I need to stay the night at the hospital?

Yes. All patients seeking the labiaplasty procedure must stay a night at the hospital following the surgery. This is done to keep an eye on you during the most crucial stages following surgery.

You will be assigned a private hospital room to rest up in which is at the same location where you have your consultation and surgery, the London welbeck hospital.

How long following surgery can I resume sex?

After six weeks, your surgeon will review the procedure and you should be ready to resume full sexual activities and exercise such as gym workouts.

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