• 16 JUL 15

    Surgeon Nick Percival back for Channel 5's Botched Up Bodies series 5!

    Series 5 of Botched up Bodies is coming soon, featuring our very own expert surgeon, Nick Percival! Tune into episode 2, Tuesday 28 July, on Channel 5 at 10pm and follow Victoria’s story.

    There is nothing off limits when it comes to cosmetic surgery, but with surgery comes risks. This series follows the country’s top surgeons as they set about repairing the damage for those left with Botched up Bodies.

    During puberty, 24 year old Victoria’s breasts started to develop unevenly. By the time she was 15 one breast was a D cup whilst the other remained flat. Through her teenage years, Victoria underwent 4 breast surgery procedures on the NHS in hope of evening out her breasts. Left with mismatched breasts and nipples pointing in different directions, Victoria was denied further procedures due to NHS cuts.

    Following reconstructive breast surgery with Nick Percival FRCS, one of the foremost cosmetic surgeons in the UK, Victoria now feels like a ‘complete’ women with her confidence fully restored.

     Surgeon Nick Percival from Botched Up Bodies

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