• 31 MAR 18

    Why it’s time to celebrate and accentuate individual beauty

    In a world obsessed with flawless images of air-brushed beauty, perfectly filtered selfies and celebrity culture, it’s understandable that so many people criticise what they see in the mirror. At the same time, there appears to be a growing trend tha…

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    • 27 FEB 18

    Tuck in your tummy with a abdominoplasty

    Whilst tummy tucks were once thought of only for mothers who’d finished having their families and wanted their figures back, the trend for abdominoplasty is now taking a different turn. Open any magazine these days and you’ll see stories of extreme w…

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    • 09 FEB 18

    Does your skin type affect cosmetic surgery results?

    Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more common in the UK, with a wide range of people opting to have surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments every day. The misconception that the cosmetic surgery industry is just about vanity is slowly shift…

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    • 18 JAN 18

    Providing Safer Cosmetic Surgery in London

    Founded in November 2010 by cosmetic surgeons Dai Davies FRCS, Miles Berry FRCS and Nick Percival FRCS, Cosmetic Surgery Partners (CSP) is a London-based cosmetic surgery clinic, situated within the epicentre of the world-renowned Harley Street area.…

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    • 27 DEC 17

    How the selfie has changed social reactions to cosmetic surgery

    At Cosmetic Surgery Partners clinic in London, we have noticed there is a growing obsession with the nature of taking the perfect ‘selfie’, it’s a topic rife in the media and day to day discussion. We’ve also noticed a trend of patient’s seeking (and…

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