• 18 APR 18

    Cosmetic Surgery with minimal scars

    Cosmetic Surgery with minimal scarring   Scarring is an inevitable side effect of all surgery including cosmetic surgery. It is part of the skin’s natural healing process, but there’s a great deal that can be done to keep scarring to a minimum in l…

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    • 31 MAR 18

    Why it’s time to celebrate and accentuate individual beauty

    In a world obsessed with flawless images of air-brushed beauty, perfectly filtered selfies and celebrity culture, it’s understandable that so many people criticise what they see in the mirror. At the same time, there appears to be a growing trend tha…

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    • 27 FEB 18

    Tuck in your tummy with a abdominoplasty

    Whilst tummy tucks were once thought of only for mothers who’d finished having their families and wanted their figures back, the trend for abdominoplasty is now taking a different turn. Open any magazine these days and you’ll see stories of extreme w…

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    • 09 FEB 18

    Does your skin type affect cosmetic surgery results?

    Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more common in the UK, with a wide range of people opting to have surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments every day. The misconception that the cosmetic surgery industry is just about vanity is slowly shift…

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    • 18 JAN 18

    Providing Safer Cosmetic Surgery in London

    Founded in November 2010 by cosmetic surgeons Dai Davies FRCS, Miles Berry FRCS and Nick Percival FRCS, Cosmetic Surgery Partners (CSP) is a London-based cosmetic surgery clinic, situated within the epicentre of the world-renowned Harley Street area.…

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