• 27 NOV 18

    We are nominated for a Top Choice award!

    UPDATE: We are very happy to announce that we have won the Top Plastic Surgery Clinic of 2019 in London, England category! What a great way to start the year!     --- We’ve been nominated for the Top Plastic Surgery Clinic of 2019 in London, En…

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    • 08 NOV 18

    How to correct inverted nipples and what are the causes?

    At Cosmetic Surgery Partners clinic in London, we have noticed there is a growing obsession with the nature of taking the perfect ‘selfie’, it’s a topic rife in the media and day to day discussion. We’ve also noticed a trend of patient’s seeking (and…

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    • 10 OCT 18

    Eyelid surgery advice - Blepharoplasty

    Upper eyelid surgery Often sagging with age, the skin on the upper eyelid stretches and drops. This causes a fold to appear on the eyelid giving a droopy appearance. Patients who suffer from this can often find it difficult to apply make-up and, in …

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    • 19 SEP 18

    Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost in London

    London is one of the most popular locations for cosmetic surgery in the world and, in fact, literally thousands of women from across the globe visit London clinics every year to undergo safe, reliable and high quality breast augmentation procedures…

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    • 15 AUG 18

    Star News article featuring Mr Miles Berry

    Mr Miles Berry says there can be terrifying side effects of Kate's latest procedure - including the sort of damage to her face often experienced by stroke sufferers. He explains, “If it is a face lift, potentially there could be nerve damage, like a…

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