• 23 MAR 19

    Cosmetic surgery is now more acceptable for men

    With social lifestyles and constrictions becoming more and more permeable, the boundaries between what is acceptable for each gender are blurring. The beauty industry took a stance against ‘anti-aging’ in favour of ‘rejuvenation’, male skincare and g…

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    • 13 FEB 19

    Does it matter what age you have cosmetic surgery?

    Cosmetic surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly and it calls for careful consideration and a lot of thought. The world of cosmetic surgery can be a dazzling one, especially for someone who has never had any work done before. With so many diffe…

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    • 24 JAN 19

    When should i replace my Breast Implants?

    When to replace breast implants The longevity of breast implants is something that causes many patients confusion, especially in light of 2010’s horrific PIP implant scandal. Over the preceding years, patients have become far more conscious of their…

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    • 27 NOV 18

    We are nominated for a Top Choice award!

    UPDATE: We are very happy to announce that we have won the Top Plastic Surgery Clinic of 2019 in London, England category! What a great way to start the year!     --- We’ve been nominated for the Top Plastic Surgery Clinic of 2019 in London, En…

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    • 08 NOV 18

    How to correct inverted nipples and what are the causes?

    At Cosmetic Surgery Partners clinic in London, we have noticed there is a growing obsession with the nature of taking the perfect ‘selfie’, it’s a topic rife in the media and day to day discussion. We’ve also noticed a trend of patient’s seeking (and…

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