• 10 FEB 15

    Did Uma Thurman have Plastic Surgery?

    Cosmetic Surgery and famous celebrities stepping out in radically altered versions of themselves seems to be a running theme in the land of showbiz goss of late. Just a few months back we had a drastically different Renee Zelwegger stepping out on th…

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    • 08 FEB 15

    Fat transfers, nature & the nurturing role of female fat

    Recent work brought to a wider audience some interesting research undertaken by a team at the University of Pittsburgh. Having wondered why women’s bodies are more curvaceous than male counterparts – given similar degrees of body mass index, of cours…

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    • 04 FEB 15

    Five important steps to take before liposuction surgery

    Liposuction surgery has long been a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for both men and women, usually undergone when people have stubborn areas of fat that they cannot shift with any amount of weight loss or exercise alone. Often people who have be…

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    • 29 JAN 15

    Top ten weird & wonderful plastic & cosmetic surgery 2014

    Top 10 most outrageous cosmetic surgery stories of 2014 As with any given industry or field of work there is always that temptation to push a little bit further than your peers, people and cosmetic surgeons alike are getting more daring with the pro…

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    • 27 JAN 15

    Cosmetic Surgery Partners at Pole Position!

    Cosmetic Surgery Partners' sponsored F3 driver Toby Sowery wins the 2014 MRF Challenge Championship! We are very proud to announce that after winning the 2014 title of the MRF Challenge Championship, Cosmetic Surgery Partners sponsored driver, 18 y…

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