• 26 JUN 18

    Star News article featuring Mr Miles Berry

    Mr Miles Berry says there can be terrifying side effects of Kate's latest procedure - including the sort of damage to her face often experienced by stroke sufferers. He explains, “If it is a face lift, potentially there could be nerve damage, like a…

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    • 11 JUN 18

    Corrective procedures for botched cosmetic surgery

    Why fixing botched cosmetic surgery has become so important   At Cosmetic Surgery Partners’ London clinic, we see many patients in need of secondary, revision or corrective cosmetic surgery. This need can arise for a number of valid reasons such as…

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    • 22 MAY 18

    The Art of Cosmetic Surgery

    It is not the first time cosmetic surgeon Mr Miles Berry and artist Jonathan Yeo have collaborated on a project. This time they come back bigger and better working together towards an exhibition held at the prestigious venue that is the Bowes Museum.…

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    • 18 APR 18

    Cosmetic Surgery with minimal scars

    Cosmetic Surgery with minimal scarring   Scarring is an inevitable side effect of all surgery including cosmetic surgery. It is part of the skin’s natural healing process, but there’s a great deal that can be done to keep scarring to a minimum in l…

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    • 31 MAR 18

    Why it’s time to celebrate and accentuate individual beauty

    In a world obsessed with flawless images of air-brushed beauty, perfectly filtered selfies and celebrity culture, it’s understandable that so many people criticise what they see in the mirror. At the same time, there appears to be a growing trend tha…

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