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Miles Berry Aesthetic Surgeon MS, FRCS (Plast) specialist in Cosmetic Surgery since 2007

Miles Berry has travelled the world refining the very latest cosmetic surgery techniques and establishing himself as one of the field leaders in reconstructive surgery. He qualified in 1991 at University College, London, received a master’s and a patent for research into breast cancer at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, studied in Australia and spent two years at the famous Institut Curie in Paris, where he perfected the very latest cutting-edge techniques. After returning to London, he spent two years at the Royal Marsden Hospital helping to reconstruct breasts after surgery for cancer, before joining Cosmetic Surgery Partners. His expertise is in abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, face lift, blepharoplasty, mastopexy, breast reduction, secondary breast surgery, liposuction, labiaplasty and transgender surgery, as well as a host of other non-surgical treatments. 

In 2013 he co-authored the Good Boob Bible with Dai Davies – the most comprehensive patient guide to breast augmentation surgery ever written. He has written two other books, and has had three medical papers on breast augmentation published in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (JPRAS) medical journal – a publication with world authority among medics.

A favourite with national newspapers and television alike, Miles has given expert opinions to the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Marie Claire and BBC Radio Four. He was seen on television as the surgeon to TOWIE’s Chloe Sims (breast augmentation) and MTV’s Lateysha Grace of The Valleys (breast augmentation). 

Miles says: “My life changed as a newly qualified doctor, the moment I watched a professor of plastic surgery at University College Hospital take a piece of skin from one part of the body and place it elsewhere to repair damage. It was an absolute light bulb moment for me – and since then, reconstructive surgery has been my total passion.

When you see someone who has had a problem for 20 or 30 years and they turn around and say ‘You have changed my life,’ I feel very privileged.

In September 2007, I went to Paris after hearing of a clinic which had great success in breast reconstruction following treatment for cancer. They were world leaders in oncoplasty surgery, using the naked breast tissue, and I spent two years there advancing my own reconstruction skills.

While I was there I co-wrote my first book Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. Since then, I’ve written two more books and more than 50 research papers.

I returned from Paris in 2010 and joined the Royal Marsden, putting some of  my new breast reconstruction techniques into practice.

When I was asked to join this practice – to put patients first and use the very latest techniques tailored to exactly what they need – it was an honour. I’m not what everyone expects from a surgeon. I’m not driven by money and I’m not even driven by a car – because I don’t own one.

I work six days a week because getting patients in as good a state as possible and making them happy is so important to me. I’m just as likely to talk a patient out of a procedure if I don’t think it is totally right for them. Sometimes, particularly with breast enhancement, there’s a lot of information to take in during one consultation so I’ll tell my patient to go away, read the literature I give them and come back for a second, free, consultation. It’s about helping them make the right decision with realistic expectations.

I’m not here to do the quickest, shortest procedure and cram in as many patients as possible. I’m here to have happier patients, who will recommend me by word of mouth. Each individual surgery is a huge decision for someone to make, and I will give each patient my all.


A Member of

Miles Berry is a member of the following official plastic surgery associations; click for official homepage; British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeons, Royal College of Surgeons and the UK Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Official plastic surgery associations

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Mr Miles Berry's specialist surgical procedures include

AbdominoplastyBreast Augmentation, Face Lift, BlepharoplastyMastopexy/Breast Reduction, Labiaplasty, Secondary Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Non-Surgical



Selected features

Selected newspaper features for surgeon Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast)

Miles Berry featured in Huffington post Surgeon Miles Berry featured in Mail on Sunday Surgeon Miles Berry in Evening Standard cosmetic surgeon BBC radio interview Surgeon Miles Berry Interview
Miles featured in the Huffington Post. Breast implant article. Miles featured in the Mail on Sunday. "Super Boob Jobs on the rise" Miles in Evening Standard, "Fat transfer for breast rebuild" Miles Berry radio interview "Down to earth advice about Breast Surgery" PMFA interview with cosmetic surgeon Mr Miles Berry


Testimonials for Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast)

“I'm very pleased with the size which is difficult to assess when being reduced. Also the result is very natural in line with the look that I wanted to achieve. Mr Berry is an excellent surgeon and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.” – F.R. (Breast Implant exchange surgery)

“The Good Boob Bible was a huge help, support and source of inspiration” – S.G. (Breast Augmentation surgery)

“Mr Miles Berry was simply the best person I could choose for my surgery. I felt in good hands all the time.” – D.W. (Breast Augmentation surgery)

“Very professional and he made me feel very comfortable” – D.S. (Facelift surgery)

“My surgery was life changing for me in the most positive way” – A.F. (Blepharoplasty)

“If you are looking for a Specialist who will treat you as just another patient with a breast problem then Mr Miles Berry isn’t for you. However if like me you are looking for a Specialist who will work with you, take your wants and needs fully into consideration and who will see you as a person rather than just a patient then Mr Miles Berry and his wonderful staff at the Welbeck Clinic in London is where you should be booking yourself into right now!” - Sharron Luke (Had her breast & Nipple rebuilt with fat transfer after losing breast due to cancer)

“Very understanding made me feel very comfortable and was always professional” – Y.L. (Abdominoplasty)

“Miles is a very caring and polite person, would recommend to a friend” – M.N. (Breast Reduction)

“Very informative and put me at ease” – K.L. (Breast Mastopexy)




Selected awards and prizes

Breast Augmentation part III JPRAS Miles Berry of Cosmetic Surgery Partners JPRAS Miles Berry medical journal
BAPRAS Aesthetic Prize 2012 BAPRAS Aesthetic Prize 2011      


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