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Gaia is a 37 year old Mother of two who decided to have breast augmentation surgery (breast implants) with surgeon Mr Nick Percival of Cosmetic Surgery Partners clinic London.

She decided to have the procedure after she found her breasts had lost her youthful looking fullness. She found that after breast feeding her two children she has also lost the 'perk' and 'bounce' (as she puts in her own words). This is not an unusual case for many women who breast feed their children may find the same resulting lack of volume in the breast. 

Below is a video which was recorded with Gaia 2 years after her initial breast op. In this video she explains how having breast augmentation surgery was one of the best decisions she could have made for herself.

"I would definitely recommend Cosmetic Surgery Partners, not only do I think they have done an amazing job but when it comes to aftercare they were amazing, considering the horror stories I’ve heard I was really glad to be in safe hands. Having my cosmetic surgery performed in the UK was also very reassuring in the case that something might have gone wrong."

Cosmetic Surgery Breast Augmentation review

Going public

Gaia was so happy with the results of her Breast Augmentation surgery that she decided to go public with them. Below is a snippet from her interview in the Sun about her breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Augmentation London review

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