• 26 SEP 16

    She's been away from the spotlight recently, but when Cheryl appeared in a new L'Oreal ad last week, the first thing fans noticed was her fuller face. While the 33-year-old is no doubt healthier after gaining weight since her super-skinny X Factor appearances last year, she also got fans speculating if she'd had a little cosmetic help. "She does look a lot healthier compared to how she looked a year ago - but is it just me that thinks her face looks different? Like she's had fillers or Botox?" one questioned, while another added, "Another one who's succumbed to lip fillers, such a shame coz she's a natural beauty, doesn't need that rubbish in her face." A third commented, "Cheek fillers anyone..." And top surgeons agree Chezza may have had a little helping hand. Mr Miles Berry (cosmetic surgery-partners.co.uk) agrees, saying, "Cheryl's face is fuller and her neck is less skeletal, too, so a general increase in weight has probably contributed." He continued, "But her lower eyelids are now absent of any creases and her brows are more filled, which is unlikely to be due to weight gain. Her face is plumper and more taut and has a pillowy look. Her left cheek looks overfilled and seems to have been swallowed up by filler."

    However, other fans speculated there could be entirely different reason for her softer look - pregnancy! Although there are rumours she's split from Liam Payne as they haven't been seen together in weeks, online commenters were quick to link her fuller face with the 23-year-old One Direction star changing his Twitter bio to "the luckiest man in the world". "She has put on weight because she is pregnant!" one claimed, while another said, "Up the duff." That would certainly be one very good-looking baby! 


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