• 07 MAY 14

    Fabulous breast augmentation at 37! Our patient featured in The Sun's Fabulous magazine

    Gaia is a mum of two, and at 37 she decided to have Breast Augmentation performed by the skillful hands of our surgeon Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast). She's looking great and very happy with the results, so much so she was kind enough to give us a patient testimonial and an interview with Fabulous magazine this month as pictured below.

    Gaia like many other mothers found that her breasts had lost the fullness and volume they had previously before breast feeding her children.

    As she says in her own words (taken from exclusive interview for the Sun's Fabulous magazine) she says:

    "I think my breasts are perfect now. They hadn’t been for a long time, though. After breastfeeding both my sons, they had completely lost their “oomph”. So, after 16 years of thinking about it, I finally had a boob job last September, which took them from 34D to a 34FF.

    I never wanted to be “that woman with fake boobs”. My biggest fear was that I’d end up looking like a porn star. I hated the thought of turning up to parents’ evening with massive orbs stuck on my chest.

    I’d look at pictures of other women who’d needed breast ops and could see my boobs weren’t as bad as theirs, but in my head they were. It wasn’t about showing off my cleavage in tiny dresses, it was all down to self-esteem.

    I made my decision after watching a show called 'botched up bodies' (a hit TV show from Channel 5 which featured our expert surgeon Mr Nick Percival FRCS). I was always petrified about what could go wrong, but watching the documentary, I realised that any problems or complications that i could possibly could experience could be fixed. In the show I saw cosmetic surgeon Nick Percival correcting plastic surgery disasters performed by other less experienced cosmetic surgeons.

    I was so impressed by the surgeon on the show, that i knew Cosmetic Surgery Partners had to be my one and only choice for surgery." 

    Breast augmentation fabulous magazine

    Above double spread featuring breast augmentation in Fabulous Magazine 2014.

    breast augmentation fabulous magazine

    Above Gaia's breast augmentation interview in Fabulous magazine 2014.

    Fabulous magazine front cover May 2014

    Above May 2014 Fabulous magazine front cover.

    breast surgery the sun online

    Gaia's breast surgery story also appears in the Sun+ online.

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