• 20 MAY 14

    Gaia had breast augmentation (breast implant surgery) at 37 she shares her experience in this patient testimonial video


    Gaia is a mum of two, and at 37 she decided to have breast implant surgery, performed by the skillful hands of our surgeon Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast). She's very happy with the results, so much so she was kind enough to give us a patient testimonial video.

    She also gave an interview with Fabulous magazine which you can read about by clicking here.


    The text below is a transcription from the patient testimonial video by Gaia Beck, Breast Augmentation for Cosmetic Surgery Partners.

    Hi, I’m Gaia I am 37 years old and I’m an online editor for a magazine and a match maker, I recently had a breast augmentation operation. I have two children and I had this cosmetic surgery performed after the birth of my second child, after breast feeding.

    What made you decide to have breast augmentation surgery?

    So I decided to have a breast augmentation after I had breast fed my second child for a year, my breasts were looking quite deflated and didn’t have much perk or bounce in them anymore and I was pretty disappointed with the look.

    How was the cosmetic surgery consultation?

    I had my consultation with UK surgeon Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast). He was really lovely, a very friendly man, although I was nervous to strip off in front of a stranger he managed to put me at ease and was very easy to talk to, he didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. The consultation last around an hour and a half and we tried various breast implant sizes during that time.

    How was the actual day of surgery? Did you have any complications?

    The hospital was really nice, it was the same place I had my consultation so I was quite familiar with the location. I got a cab there in the morning and went straight into surgery. I woke up and the nurses were lovely and took really good care of me. When you wake up after breast surgery you are in pain, it’s not excruciating pain, it’s a lot less painful than childbirth but it’s a strong tug but the nurses were there to offer me pain killers and put me at ease, however I’d say you probably need to take a week off work.

    Unfortunately for me as the healing process took place, the left side didn’t drop naturally like the right side did and I was waiting for my 6 week check up to ask the surgeon about this. Once we met for the follow up he recognised there was a complication and I had to go back into surgery. I developed a haematoma which is otherwise known as a blood clot, it’s not a very serious complication but it is one that requires surgery unfortunately. The surgeon scheduled for me to go back into surgery a few weeks later. Although it was an annoyance to go back into surgery I would much rather have a surgeon like Miles Berry who got me straight back into the operating theatre and fixed the problem, I didn’t have to pay anything else. I was really well looked after again and it was sorted. When I came out of surgery a second time the breasts were perfect!

    The downtime was a lot less because most of the work had been done the first time round, so over Christmas I had the breast surgery performed and by the time it was new years I was completely fine.

    Are you happy with the results of your cosmetic surgery?

    As I am now they feel completely natural, most people don’t know I’ve had a boob job and they can’t tell from looking. I was wearing a padded bra before the surgery, now I don’t, so they look much the same before I had the breast augmentation, apart from when I am undressed, and then they look pretty big, which is exactly the look I wanted for my breasts.

    How visible are the scars post breast augmentation surgery?

    The scars are really quite faint, I thought they would be worse, but they are really not! You can’t see them at all when you look at me because they are hidden in the crease of my breasts, so you have to be actually looking for them to see them. The scars are a few shades darker than my natural skin tone but they are not raised at all, so they are quite minimal scars.

    The breasts feel completely natural; they are a little denser than I suppose real breasts they feel quite firm, which is good. From how they were before to how they are now it’s a huge improvement, so yes I am very happy with the results of my cosmetic surgery.

    Now that you’ve had breast augmentation surgery, would you get any other kind of cosmetic surgery? Would you recommend Cosmetic Surgery Partners?

    I may well as I get older, I don’t think I will age 100% gracefully but I always want to look natural, I think that’s the most important thing when it comes to having cosmetic or plastic surgery. So perhaps a little nip and tuck over the next 10 years.

    I would definitely recommend Cosmetic Surgery Partners, not only do I think they have done an amazing job but when it comes to aftercare they were amazing, considering the horror stories I’ve heard I was really glad to be in safe hands. Having my cosmetic surgery performed in the UK was also very reassuring in the case that something might have gone wrong.

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