• 03 JUL 16

    Kelly shows off changing face - But is her altered appearance due to cosmetic help?

    Our surgeon Mr Miles Berry MS, FRCS (Plast) was asked to comment exclusively for the Star magazine, below is the transcript of the article.

    Kelly Brook has always been a natural beauty, but her recent Instagram snaps raised a few eyebrows - as she looks almost unrecognisable. Currently on holiday in Morocco with boyfriend Jeremy Parisi, the 36-year-old model has posted a series of snaps where her face looks fuller and her eyes a different shape.

    "Kelly may have had fillers to restore volume to her cheeks and lips as they look plumper and more defined in recent photos. Her forehead is also very smooth, meaning she may have had Botox to relax lines." Mr Miles Berry, consultant plastic surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Partners (cosmetic surgery-partners.co.uk), adds, "There are no lines at all on the upper third of her face, which strongly suggests she's had Botox. A smidgen of filler in her cheeks and lips is also a possibility."

    Cosmetic Surgeon comments on the changing face of Kelly Brook

    However, he says that her changed appearance could also be down to clever make-up. "Her complexion is good, so I suspect she has a good skincare regimen," he adds. "Her make-up is skilfully applied to highlight her best features." Kelly denied having surgery earlier this year, claiming, "No Botox and no fillers a good skincare regime and diet! I like my face to move and my skin to have a natural glow."

    However, she does own up to altering the photos she posts online. "Slightly Photoshopping pics is no different to women wearing fake hair, putting chicken fillets in their bras or squeezing into Spanx," she declared. Well said, Kel. 

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