• 17 JUL 17

    When should i replace my breast implants?

    Breast augmentation is a very popular surgery amongst women. In fact, it is the most common surgical procedure carried out in the UK and involves enlarging the breasts or addressing misshapen and uneven breasts to get them to the shape and size that …

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    • 22 JUN 17

    Find the best cosmetic surgeon in London

    If you’re considering undergoing any form of cosmetic surgery, it isn’t a decision you should take lightly. First and foremost, you must consider your health and the magnitude of the procedure you are thinking of having, as well as being sure that th…

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    • 31 MAY 17

    Does it matter what age you have cosmetic surgery?

    Cosmetic surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly and it calls for careful consideration and a lot of thought. The world of cosmetic surgery can be a dazzling one, especially for someone who has never had any work done before. With so many diffe…

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    • 25 APR 17

    What different types of Rhinoplasty are there?

    If you were to ask a group of people to highlight one feature about themselves that they were unhappy with and would like to change, chances are a large portion would point to their nose. Rhinoplasty, also known as nasal surgery, or commonly referre…

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    • 12 APR 17

    Kerry Katona and Cosmetic Surgery

    Kerry Katona recently overhauled her body with a number of surgical procedures. Debuting a drastically different facial appearance as this article in Starnews mentions, leads some to believe she may have been enhancing her face with cosmetic surgery …

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